Our Process

Locally-sourced, fresh ingredients come together under the thoughtful, creative care of our chefs. Gifts of nature prepared and arranged so as to emphasize their flavors in a way that creates novel experiences for the palate.


Reunion sourdough (aged butter, utah rock salt) $4

Candied Pecans (red miso, sesame) $4

Pork Rinds (fermented mushroom powder, parmesan + black garlic fondue) $8

Focaccia (house made wagyu bresaola, stracciatella, garlic confit, za'atar) $16

Salad and More

Kale+apple (candied almond,grana padano, togarashi, lemon vinaigrette) $14

Dry aged wagyu tartare (shitake, fried egg yolk, peach mostarda, anaheim peppers, smoked peach, crackers) $22

Summer salad (pickled green tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, homemade stracciatella, turnips, basil seeds vinaigrette) $18

Wood fired Shishito Peppers (tomato garum, pancetta, yuzu gel, furikake) $16

Pasta & Vegetables

House-Made Taleggio Ravioli (maitake, coffee shiitake, d'anjou pears, baby leek jam, thyme) $27

Oak roasted Broccoli & Broccolini (tomatillo salsa, jalapeno, anchovies, pecorino, pepita) $18

Fairy Tale Eggplant (harissa, herb yogurt, raisins, mint, cilantro oil, papadum, lime powder) $17

FDrunken Beets (mushroom conserva, skyr whey, mustard, everclear) $17

Meat & Seafood

Wood oven roasted Half Chicken (baby fennel, turnips, summer squash, red wagon tropea onions)$34

Dry aged Confit Duck Leg (red fruit mole, esoterra chicory, guajillo-sorghum jus, sunflower crunch) $28

Oak Grilled Shrimp (kosho-olive oil hollandaise, grapefruit, onions, lemongrass) $35

Dry aged Confit Duck Leg (tallow vinaigrette, pickled horseradish, tetra squash, napa cabbage) MP


Chocolate + Coffee (chocolate cardamom cake, chocolate cremeux, coffee gel, choco tuille) $12

Rhubarb (skyr, poached rhubarb, sorrel granita) $12

Carrots + Peas (ginger tapioca, carrot halwa, snap pea syrup) $12

$12 Cocktails

Draught Acorn OF $12

Draught Acorn Margarita $12

Draught Beer

Odell Sippin Pretty $7

New Image Coriolis Effecrt IPA $7

Woods Boss Sauerkraut In My Lederhosen $7

$14 Cocktails

Across the Atlantic $14

The Source Dirty$14

PSM Swizzle $14

Root of the Barbarians$14

Velvet Touch $14

Champagne Campaign $14

Canned/Bottled Beer

Coors Banquets $5

Boulevard Tank 7 $7

Woods Boss Frutiy Flash Sour $8

Denver Acorn is a member of Half-Eaten Cookie Hospitality